Ni Hao/Hello everyone! Well, the few of you whose emails I remember… (I saved all my contacts on yahoo, not gmail) So if you have any emails who I can add to this list, please send me their contact info!

Okay, so I really don’t have very long to write today… The first P-Day is short and full of immunizations, x-rays, and other scientific stuff I don’t want to confuse you with!
Hmmm… where to start… I’ve been INSANELY busy! When I first arrived, I was rushed through a maze of hallways and rooms giving me Debit Cards, Name-tags and a MASSIVE bag full of language learning books and scriptures! It was so hectic. Then I was directed into my classroom, where the teacher literally only speaks Mandarin to us. It was so brutal. Even with the little mandarin I already knew, I was lost and felt hopeless. However, the three other elders in my room all took mandarin in highschool so they have been helping me ALOT! Over the past 4 1/2 days I can now say my prayers and bear my testimony in mandarin! On our third day, we were already teaching an investigator in mandarin! It’s crazy how fast I’ve been learning!
the food here is great! My beautiful girlfriend didn’t like it very much… But I think it’s great! AND it’s all you can eat! ;) Haha I’m gonna look like Chanchow by the time I leave the MTC!
On the first day in the MTC my district had to teach REAL investigators one after another (3 total) and it was pretty brutal as well… We were all new to teaching and had no experience so answering their questions was tough… Haha but it taught us alot as well!
Hmmm… My companion is cool! And my room mates are AWESOME! We all get along really well, and everyone in my district have developed strong bonds with each other already! My companion’s name is Elder Dayton or (Tai Zhong Lao), my second room mate is Elder Weatherford (Wu Zhang Lao), and my third companion/room mate is Elder Saumweiber (Su Zhang Lao).  I feel like they have been some of my best friends for a long time!
Oh yeah… That’s the other thing… The days go by soooo slow right now! It seriously feels like each day is like 5 days long… But that also allows us to learn sooo much in one day! My companions have been helping me learn 10 new words everyday, so I’m making much more progress than normal. With the gift of tongues, everyone is so surprised/awestruck at the rate I’m learning Mandarin. But the four years of spanish in high school hasn’t helped one bit… De in spanish sounds like “Day” but in mandarin it sounds like “Duh”… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… The differences are so difficult, but I’ve prayed for the spirit to help me forget spanish tones/pronunciation and it has been getting easier!
I’m trying to think of anything else I should put into this email… But I’ve been so busy I have no idea what to say! Oh, it snowed! Haha but my Arizona blood is killing me! My nose and face goes numb almost instantly when I walk outside! So Elder Saumweiber (Su Zhong Lao who’s going to Canada Mandarin Speaking) let me borrow his scarf! xD Haha Anyway, I gotta go, so I’ll send a few pictures for the blog! If any of you could PLEASE send this to tiff and tell her to email me so I can add her to this group email, that would be super awesome!
Zaijian!! (Goodbye)
-Elder Sims
(Xie Zhang Lao)
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