Nimen hao!

This week has been another productive, yet monotonous experience. I LOVE the spirit here in the MTC, and my district is amazing… But doing the same thing over and over again is pretty exhausting on the brain. My Mandarin keeps improving to the point where it’s strange to pray in English now… I was asked to pray in English and I honestly couldn’t remember how to! I have a feeling I’m going to have such a bad accent when I come home, that I’ll say “ohhhhhh my famirrryyy”… Ehhh.. I was probably going to that anyway.. Haha
Hmmm… Stories from this week…
Oh! My zone “Hosted” the new missionaries coming in this week, and I talked spanish to one Elder straight out of Puerto Rico! I also hosted an Elder that is cousins with Eric and Brett Blackham! So it was so cool to have something in common in such a huge world!
Hmmm… I was recognized from Ch-Ch-Check It!! Pretty cool that there was a fellow GFX/VFX Artist in here!
This week was “Mission Conference” and fast sunday again! I forgot it was a 24 hour fast and almost ate some Frosted Flakes! But Elder Stoddard caught me in time for me to spit them out! ;) So my fast better come true… I wasted an entire bowl of frosted flakes =( We heard some amazing devotionals… But I don’t remember who they were from (all the weeks are blending together). I have REALLY detailed notes of every devotional… So when I get home, I can give you my notes if you want them! lol
We watched a Korean Dubbed “New Testement” for movie night this week. We did it because there is a Korean Sister (Yu Jie Mei) who we drag with us to all of our English movies… So we decided to let her enjoy a movie in her native tongue! =) It was cool!
My companion and I are doing really well in “TRC” where we teach members who speak our language! He’s a HUGE life saver because he can understand MAndarin really well, then he translates the words I don’t catch, and then I go off on tangents led by the spirit! Elder Dayton and I are still getting along great! He is a rebellious bean, but I know I was put with him for a reason. I’m forcing him to live by the “White Bible” rules to a “T”. And I know our obedience is helping us tremendously to obtain/use the Gift of Tongues. Without the Gift of Tongues and the help from the Lord… I have no idea how I would get through one day here in the MTC… I haven’t even been out into the field yet (with REAL investigators), but I can already feel the influence and guidance his spirit brings to me.
Hmmm… Now spiritual… I’ve been studying “Christ-Like Attributes” ALOT lately. And one of the attributes I’ve put into practice (that I’m really trying to work on) is patience. I come from a VERY digitally influenced background… I’m used to 150MBS internet where I get the answers to anything I want in the blink of an eye… But we all need to remember who’s time we are really on. The Lord will NEVER abandon us. However, it is through the trial of our faith, when we receive the answers or surety we are seeking. Be patient, and wait faithfully for our blessings. Patience is also facing adversity, set backs and struggle with hope and calmness. I’m practicing this attribute on my companion, you should all try in on someone you love (like a spouse or adorable little puppy). Anyway, I also wanted to challenge you all to bring a question to general conference. I’m soooo excited to watch my first general conference as a missionary! And I know if you bring a question, you can receive an answer or guidance from one of the leaders of our great church.
Anyway… I only have 3 more weeks in the MTC now! So hurry up and send me all the gifts/dear elders you can!!! When I’m in Taiwan, it will be INSANELY more tough to send me mail! I have to prepare 3 lessons for tonight… (Skype, Skype and Investigator) so I need to head out! Please send me dear elders or whatever (ties)! Talk to you next week!
-Elder Sims
(Xie Zhang Lao)
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