Nimen hao!!

This week was A LOT like the other past 4… Tuesday = Devotional/Choir.. Wednesday-Saturday = Intense Mandarin study.. Sunday = Temple Walk, Choir, Devotional, AND Movie Night.. And Monday = Temple Day/P-Day.
The only story I have comes from Saturday night. My companion and I had 4 hours of “Anything you want” study time, so we decided to study Mandarin Grammar outside. We were chillaxin on a bench when a Sister walked over and asked if we had the Priesthood…? And we said… “Yes…?” and then she asked if we could bless her companion who had just gone through back surgery! So we got two other Elders and blessed her! It was my companions first blessing to be a part of and it was so awesome to be able to use our Priesthood out of no where like that! The next day, we also blessed another Sister from our District! So that was the true highlight of my week… Beside papa johns pizza on Friday… Haha
Hmmm… Oh! We had an absolutely AMAZING Devotional by Brother Clarke and his wife! He talked about our missions… From- “Not wasting God’s time” to “the 10 Truths of our Missions”. I wish I could type it all out to you, but that would take oodles of time and I need to prepare a lesson for an investigator tonight… But everyone should go look up “Brother Clarke, March 17th MTC Devotional”.
Another cool thing that happened this week happened during one of my lessons. We were teaching a non-active member, and she was not happy with the church at all… Anything we tried to get her to do of feel was having zero effect.. I even pulled out Alma 32:27 on her and begged her to have a particle of faith and pray again… But she said no. (I found out later she is the MOST brutal investigator we need to deal with). Anyway, after our closing prayer- I felt impressed to say “Ni yuan bu yuanyi kan mo’ermenjing?” Which of course means “Are you willing to read the Book of Mormon?” She smiled and said… “If I have the time, I will.” That last statement gave me hope that my companion and I actually succeeded in planting the seed of faith. It made me realize that as long as we show them that we actually love them, and bring the spirit in with us- Then we have succeeded in our purpose.
Honestly, beside all of that… Nothing is different in the MTC. I love it here. Learning so much about the gospel and having the Spirit so strong is amazing… But I’m really excited to go to Taiwan and make a difference.
I miss everyone, and I hope you get the chance to send more “Dear Elders” ( because when I get to Taiwan it won’t be nearly as easy to talk to me! Oh, and if you have/see any cool ties… Send them my way! The MTC has a bartering system that resolves highly around ties! My favorites are the clothe/hand-stitched! ;) Hahaha
Anyway, I’m sending pictures now! So keep an eye out!
Zai Jian!!!
-Elder Sims
(Xie Zhang Lao)
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