Ni Hao mei yi ge ren! Wo xiwang nimen de kuaile!

I have three stories I need to tell you all!
First story:
My district needed to go into the X-Ray Tech to get further inspections on our chests- So we were asked to take off our shirts and put on this see through robe thing… My companion walks out completely naked from head to toe with the see through robe on and an elder in my district said “Dude, where are your clothes” and we all just died laughing…
Second Story:
I had to get my blood drawn to have it tested for the Taiwan Visa… And I didn’t do too well (even with the picture of the savior above me). They had to take 3 vials and by the end I felt woozy. Then I sat down and turned super white and got really sweaty… But I DIDN’T pass out this time! ;D I’m a real man!
Third story:
My companion has been having alot of trouble staying awake during class, devos, lunch, dinner, basically anything! So our whole district went to choir and we diced to put him on the end cause we knew he wasn’t gonna sing and would probably sleep! So, he fell asleep during our practice (with everyone being super loud/belting out their parts). However, when the prayer was offered- I guess the change of decibels startled him and he woke up- stomped the floor- hitting the side railing (making it bounce and make a huge noise)- and made a gibberish sound… Everyone looked at us. It was funny afterwards, but extremely embarrassing during the actual incident! lol
Alright, now that those stories are done, I can get to my actual week! This week was pretty brutal on me physically. I had to take part in “Day Light Savings” which is possibly the worst thing in the world. And my district is setting insane goals, trying to make miracles happen. We were taught “You’ll never achieve miracles without putting yourself in positions where miracles happen”. We are aiming for 50 words a day, 5 phrases, and 1-2 scriptures… Which is pretty unheard of in mandarin districts.
Besides everyone asking me “Do you like the Sims?” or “Are your from Sims City?” The MTC is going great! My teachers are amazing, the branch presidency truly loves us, my district is so awesome, and I’m learning soooo much! Honestly, I think I’ve learned more about the savior in these 2 1/2 weeks as a missionary than I have in my entire life.
Nothing really happens during the week besides extreme scripture study time, extreme language study time, and teaching 1-2 lessons a day in mandarin. The teachers have become soooo much tougher now… They play our investigators and since we have been doing so well, they are playing people who don’t speak ANY english. Zero. It’s crazy. But it really makes you rely on the spirit. If you have time, read D&C 123 12-17 and you’ll see how we’ve been teaching by the spirit. It’s crazy how stepping back for 30 seconds really helps the spirit takeover your lesson.
Anyway, I don’t have too much time left- But I love you all! Keep sending me Dear Elders through-out the week so I feel loved!
Zai Jian!
-Elder Sims
(Xie Zhang Lao)
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