Ni Hao and holy moly, this is my second P-Day and I barely have any time to write once again! They work us Mandarin Speaking Missionaries pretty hard!

I’m sorry the email I sent out last week didn’t get to anyone! there was an error and I didn’t even notice until Brandon said he didn’t get anything! I resent all last weeks pictures a few minutes ago so It’s all fixed now! =) However, I DO still need all of my family and friend’s (who want to be a part of this mass email) to send me an email ASAP!!! Especially Tiffani!!!! So she can update my blog!!!

Hmmm… Where to start… We have been teaching an investigator in all out Mandarin for this entire week. We speak our language pretty much at all times, so I’m learning INSANELY fast. Apparently, our district is learning at a higher than normal pace for some reason? (We have stuffed a year and a half of learning into our first week and a half, something most missionaries don’t do..?) And I’ve already bore my entire testimony, said a hundred prayers and made fun of my companion in perfect Mandarin! It’s awesome!

My prayers have become super long… Like, almost TOO long. We try for “Perfect Obedience” so it’s light’s out at 10:30, but then I pray for about 35-45 minutes… I’ve gained a huge testimony about ALOT of doctrine. However, the Gift of Tongues and Teaching by the Spirit have become something I rely on almost constantly. There’s nothing like letting the spirit take over in a lesson and bearing your testimony in a language you’ve barely learned that week. It’s a labor I’m learning to love.

My companion and I get along great! He’s the most rebellious of all the elders in our district, so i think the Lord made him my companion for a reason. He is truly an amazing missionary, even if he requires a bit more patience! =P Our district is already really close, and they are pretty much my family away from home!

We’ve heard a TON of uplifting devotionals and speakers… It feels like I’ve been here for 3 years… No joke… The days go by soooo slow! But the weeks are going by fast…? It’s weird. But the experience itself is so cool! We got to watch “Meet the Mormons” and my branch president actually knows the “Candy Bomber” from his mission! We also watched Elder Bednars “Character of Christ” which blew my mind! My companion has been getting better at staying awake through class and such, with only a few hundred nudges from me! ;) Haha overall, I’ve grow soooo much spiritually- but lost weight… even though I eat more than I ever have in my entire life… I think I’m losing my “Beastly” Gains! :(((((

Ummmm… I dunno what else to really talk about? My days consist of: Learning Mandarin for 7-9 Hours, 1 Hour of PMG Study, Time to Eat and 15 minuteas to write in my journal at night! So I’ve had ZERO time for anything! I’ll send all my pictures after this email goes out! So be excited!!!

I’ll talk to you all next week!

-Elder Sims

(Xie Zhang Lao)

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